About Us

About Us

For 40 years, Gaspare Campisi has operated the restaurant that bears his name. Brooklyn born Campisi opened Gaspare's Restaurant in Bargaintown soon after he moved to this area in 1977. Although he was only 18, he was already an experienced chef. Since then Gaspare's has been serving the best Wines, Martinis, Pizza, Pasta, Seafood & Italian Specialties.  We have the most innovative, passionately inspired menu.  Our customers expectations are high and we deliver!





"My uncles and my father, who immigrated to the United States from Sicily, had Italian restaurants and pizza type establishments in Brooklyn since the early 60's," says Campisi. "I started going to work at an early age, 12 years old. I worked with my father during the week and my uncles on the weekends." During those years, Campisi learned the basics of Italian cooking and pizza baking, which prepared him to open his own restaurant.

"We make our own soup stocks and sauces in small quantities to keep everything fresh," says Campisi. "And because the restaurant is so small (it comfortably accommodates 40), it's as close as you can get to eating at home."

All of the staff at Gaspare's Gourmet Italian Bistro want to thank their customers and friends for the loyal patronage since 1977. 

At Gaspare's, expect the warmest hospitality from the friendly, knowledgeable staff in our quaint & casual atmosphere where you can turn something ordinary into a cause for celebration.

We welcome any requests or suggestions you may have. Our email is eat@gaspares.com. Stay connected on Facebook and Twitter as well! Join our VIP email club to receive coupons & special offers. Text Gaspares to 22828 to join or sign up on our Facebook page or website.

Bon Appetit!

Gaspare & Jennifer Campisi